SRI BIRENDRA BANI (The Sayings of Sri Birendra) (Thakur Sri Sri Balak Brahmachari's birth name was Birendra Chandra Chakraborty) is "The First Book" in Bengali Language on Sri Sri Thakur's early life events in different places in Bangladesh with a vivid account of many remarkable incidents witnessed by Sri Sri Thakur's school friends, teachers, headmaster, family members, relatives, family friends, disciples and followers. The book was first published on the auspicious day of Buddha Purnima in May 1953 in Kolkata. The book also contains excerpts of fascinating lectures of Sri Sri Thakur on cosmic truths.




The translation of Sri Sri Thakur's profound philosophical lectures in Bengali Language containing subtle and sublime truths is a formidable task. Thakur spoke 300 to 400 words minute, and even 8 to 10 persons who used to normally write down his lectures, could not cover the full text of his speech accurately. English translators of Sri Sri Thakur's teachings have tried their best to keep the inner thoughts of his Sayings as far as possible. But no translation of Sri Sri Thakur's profound messages can bring out the dignity and grace of the original. Sri Sri Thakur's melody and magic of phrase are difficult to recapture in a another medium. When some disciples had requested Thakur to deliver his speeches in English, Sri Sri Thakur had replied, "It will not be convenient for all. Translate my teachings into English. Learn Bengali. That is the best possible alternative." The translator's anxiety is to render the thought, but he cannot convey fully the spirit. A translator cannot evoke in the reader the mood in which the thought was born and induce in him the ecstasy of the Guru and the vision He beholds.




Kada Chabuk (Meaning, Stern Whip) is a fortnightly newsletter in Bengali published by Santan Dal containing public speeches and messages of Thakur Sri Balak Brahmachari Maharaj. Santan Dal, a non-profit, non-political organization, represented by the followers of Thakur Sri Sri Balak Brahmachari, has been involved in actively propagating the ideals and philosophy of the teachings and messages of Thakur Sri Sri Balak Brahmachari as well as chant the cosmic tune of Ram Narayan Ram - the name gifted by Sri Balak Brahmachari for the benefit of all.



(The following is a tentative list of publications on life and messages of Sri Sri Thakur Balak Brahmachari. The list is not an exhaustive one as there are several other writings on Sri Sri Thakur both in the form of printed booklets and journals as well as in electronic media - Audio & Video CD, Tapes, etc).


  1. Just a Few Words - by Prof.P.K.Roy (1979)
  2. The New Messiah (in 3 Editions) - by Prof. P. K. Roy, (1979-1991)
  3. Inner Voice & Common Sense - by Balak Brahmachari Centre of Culture and Education (1986)
  4. The New Messiah Speaks - Translation of Just a Few Words, Work Itself is Religion, Melody and Song and Karmi Divas (Worker's Day) by (Prof. P. K. Roy). (1985)
  5. A New Era Dawns - Translated by Sri Dhirendra Prosad Neogi (1962)
  6. Indian Vedic Communism - Vol 1 - Translated by Sri Prafullanath Sanyal for Santal Dal (1973)
  7. Universal Brotherhood - A Natural Phenomenon - by Sri Chitta Sikdar (1981)
  8. Spiritualism Based on Matter - by Dhirendra Prosad Neogi (1981)
  9. Illusion or Reality - by Himangshu Bhattacharya
  10. Tattwalok - by Ananta Nyaya Tarkatirtha and Translated by Nani Gopal Bhattacharya
  11. New Messiah of the Atomic Age - by Sri Barindra Kumar Ghosh
  12. "Neerdesh" or "Commandments"- Translated by Himangshu Kumar Bhattacharya
  13. What is Santan Dal - by Sri Chitta Sikdar (1985)
  14. Messages of Thakur Balak Brahmachari by Prof P.K.Roy (1997)
  15. Primordial Vedic Messages of Thakur Sri Sri Balak Brahmachari - by Dipak Thakker (1998)
  16. Three Decades with Divinity - by Prof. P.K.Roy (2000)
  17. Tattwasar - by Prof. P.K.Roy (2003)


  1. Sri Birendra Bani - by Ajit Bhattacharya, Shantidas Mazumdar and Barindra Kumar Ghosh (1953)

  2. Booklets on Culture, Nitibad, Tattasar, and Charcha - by Ajit Bhattacharya, Shantidas Mazumdar and Barindra Kumar Ghosh (1954)

  3. Sri Sri Balak Brahmachari Saishab Kahini - by Ajit Bhattacharya, Shantidas Mazumdar and Himangshu Bhattacharya (1963)

  4. Chakra Tattwa - by Ajit Bhattacharya, Shantidas Mazumdar and Himangshu Bhattacharya (1954)

  5. Jeevan Darshan - by Haribandhu Ray (1962)

  6. Bostu Bhittik Adhyathmabad - by Sri Dhirendra Prosad Neogi (1966)

  7. Baidik Samyabader Rup Rekha - by Dhirendra Prosad Neogi (1978)

  8. Ke Aye Mahaan - by Sri Haribandhu Ray (1980)

  9. Samyabaader Deshe Dharma - by Shri Dhirendra Prosad Neogi (1981)

  10. Saar Katha - by Dubri (1975)

  11. Bhartiya Ved Bhittik Samyabad - Volume 1 & 11 - by Santal Dal (1976)

  12. Tatta Jigasa - Volume 1, 11 & 111 - Complied by Kanak Prabha Devi (1986)

  13. Balak Bandana - (Lyric) - by Kanak Prabha Devi (1980)

  14. Janmasiddha Mahaaner Bani - by Prof. P. K. Roy (1996)

  15. Param Bismoy Balak Thakur - Volume 1 & 11 Compiled by Prof. P. K. Roy (1981)

  16. Ved Dharma - Volume 1 & 11 - by Harekrishna Ghosh (1978 & 1981)

  17. "Kada Chabuk" Fortnightly Newsletter of Santan Dal containing speeches and messages of Sri Sri Thakur. A compilation of the newsletters was brought out in a single volume in 2001.

  18. Booklets on Sri Sri Thakur's discourses published by Sri Haribandhu Ray and Sri Barun Ghosh for Birendra Krishti Parishad on various topics, such as Sadhana, Sunya, Mana, Ved, Dharma, Samadhi, Prakriti, Vivek, Samaskar, Samyabad, Samaj, Chaitanya, Atma, Maya, Beej-Mantra, Murti-Puja, Self-realisation, Guru. Bibhuti. etc. (1980-1991)

  19. Booklets on Sri Sri Thakur's discourses published by Balak Brahmachari Centre of Culture and Education on various topics, such as Srestha Seva, Paap Punya, Life after Death, Body-Instrument, Sachetak, Biplab, Naam-Jaap, Dream, Life, Diksha, Religion & Politics, Does God Exist?, Vedic Communism, Common Sense, etc. (1982-1989)

  20. Ghoom Bhangar Ghan - by Sri Chittaranjan Dutta (1985)

  21. Sasthwai Soundarya - by Smt. Manjushri Dasgupta (1978)

  22. Gatisattam - by Prof. P.K. Roy (1980)

  23. Khuntiye Dekho - Lecture by Sri Sri Thakur

  24. Galper Ved - by Sri Sri Thakur (1981)

  25. Pratibader Jhord - Compiled by Regent Park Jhila Committee (1988)

  26. Sojha Poth - Complied by Sri Harendranath Banerjee (1985)

  27. Biplaber Suchanar Geet - by Sri Harendranath Banerjee (1984)

  28. Aaro Jano - Complied by Sri Nirmalya Sensharma (1982)

  29. Vivek - O - Chaitanya - by Sri Sri Thakur (1981)

  30. Santan Daler Prati Neerdesh - by Sri Sri Thakur (1975)

  31. Jiggasa - by Sri Sri Thakur (1976)

  32. Aamra Kothai - by Sri Sri Thakur published Sri Kashinath Karmakar (1978)

  33. Tattwa - O - Bani - Compiled by Sri Hari Madhav Ghosh (1976)

  34. Instinct-E-Instrument - Compiled by Sri Harendranath Banerjee (1983)

  35. Satyer Sadhan - Compiled by Sri Kartik Senapati (1979)

    36. Nijeke Jano - Compiled by Sri Kartik Senapati (1980)

    37. Janmasiddha Mahaner Bani - by Prof. P.K.Roy (1995)

    38. Jibon Niye Lekha - By Anjali Roychowdhury (2006)


  1. Parichaya Chitrakatha - Translated by Shri Gaya Prashad & Ramesh Chandra

  2. Naye Yug Ka Masiha - Translated by Shri Satish Chandra

  3. Kuch Baaten & Karmi Divas - by Balak Brahmachari Organisation (1977)

  4. Yug Vidhaata Balak Thakur - Translation by Shri Ravindra Chakraborty (1979)

  5. Naye Yug Ka Sandesh - by Santal Dal (1981)

  6. Bhartiya Vedic Samyabad - Vol. 1 - Translation by Shri Kanti C. Daruka (1984)

  7. Swayam Ko Pehchano - Translation by Shri Kanti C. Daruka (1988)

  8. Tattwa-O-Bani - Translation by Bechu Jadav (1992)